Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is located on Florida’s east coast, approximately 46 miles away from the Orlando International Airport. It is a favored destination for many vacationers because of the range of activities and ease of access from the Orlando International Airport. Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Carnival Cruise Lines are just a few of the ships that set sail out of Port Canaveral for destinations within the southern, eastern and western Caribbean as well various islands in the Bahamas. Cruises are often available in 3, 4, 5, 7 or 8 day vacations, depending on the cruise line and destination of your choice.

Cruising is not the only activity available in Port Canaveral. Enjoy a relaxing day at the Jetty Park Beach and Campground where you can have a picnic, go fishing or surfing, as well as observe marine mammals such as manatees and dolphins at play.

The Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral is also a favorite among the locals as well as vacationers. This seven story destination, which may remind you of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, has great exhibits, galleries, and interactive features for lovers of science and technology. You’ll also enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Port Canaveral as well as the Kennedy Space Center. And you may even observe a rocket launch!

And we can’t forget to mention shopping and dining! The Cove at Port Canaveral is the place to be for a variety of shops, restaurants with fresh and yummy seafood as well as live entertainment.

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